Seamless Care
Anytime, Anywhere

Experience healthcare that adapts to your life. With 123 Walkin Clinic, you have immediate access to professional medical care whenever you need it. No more waiting for appointments or traveling to clinics. Our doctors are available at your convenience, offering personalized consultations, prescriptions, and follow-up care.

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Connecting with professional healthcare providers is easy with us. Our straightforward process includes easy registration, flexible appointment scheduling, and comprehensive virtual consultations. We streamline your journey to better health, focusing on convenience and efficiency.

Simple Registration

Click “Get Started” to easily register your details with us. Choose a time that fits into your busy schedule.

Choose Appointment Type

Select between a phone call or video chat for your consultation. We adapt to your preferences and requirements.

Consult & Get Diagnosed

Get diagnosed, receive prescriptions, or obtain any necessary medical documents to continue with your day.

What Our
Virtual Doctors
Can Do For You

Our virtual healthcare service offers residents in your area timely and comprehensive medical care, even for those without a family doctor. Our platform is equipped to handle a variety of health concerns.

Common Ailments

Manage cold, flu symptoms, allergies, and minor infections effectively.

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Skin Concerns

Receive professional help for rashes and various skin issues quickly.

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Prescription Services

Prescriptions from our doctors sent to your preferred pharmacy.

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Doctor’s Notes

Easily obtain necessary doctor’s notes for work or school.

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Navigating Your
Health Concerns

A Spectrum of Virtual Care for Diverse Medical Needs


Get affordable access to quality healthcare, regardless of your insurance status. Our pricing structure is transparent and designed to cater to everyone’s needs.

Virtual Care – $0

Covered by B.C.’s Medical Service Plan (MSP), allowing you to access medical care virtually at no cost.

Private Visit – $100

For those without MSP coverage, we offer private consultations at a reasonable fee.

Doctor’s Notes – $40

Need a note for work or school? We provide this service at a minimal cost, as it’s not covered under MSP.