Frequently Asked Questions

New to virtual care? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This section provides answers to common questions, making your first virtual visit smooth and understandable.

What is Virtual Clinic?

A digital healthcare service connecting you with BC-licensed medical professionals. Our platform offers convenient, comprehensive medical care, designed with user needs in mind, ensuring timely access to healthcare.

Through 123VirtualClinic, book an appointment effortlessly online. At your appointment time, choose to connect with the doctor via phone, video, or secure messaging on any device, without needing to download an app.

Mostly, yes. Telehealth is free for MSP-covered services in BC, including consultations with licensed physicians. However, some services like doctor’s notes aren’t MSP-covered. Non-MSP-covered services, like Naturopath visits, may be reimbursable through third-party insurance, but direct billing isn’t available.

Virtual clinics are digital platforms where healthcare professionals and patients interact. They allow for initial assessments of health concerns, reducing the need for immediate in-person visits to hospitals or clinics.

If you’re without a doctor in BC, search for 123VC on Google. Our VirtualClinic will appear, allowing you to swiftly book an online appointment. Choose your preferred communication method with the doctor – phone, video, or secure messaging, all without needing an app.

Virtual clinics are ideal for routine and non-urgent medical issues. These include cold and flu symptoms, rashes, insect bites, seasonal allergies, minor infections, general health inquiries, and stable medication refills.

“123VC is ideal for addressing non-urgent, common health issues. This includes:

-Cold and flu symptoms
-Rashes and insect bites
-Seasonal allergies and minor allergic reactions
-Minor infections
-General health inquiries
-Prescription refills for stable medications
For more details, see our Treatable Conditions section. Remember, some issues may require an in-person visit, and our providers will guide you accordingly.”

“Avoid using 123VC for conditions needing physical examination or in emergencies. This includes:

-Chest pain or palpitations
-Increasing abdominal pain
-Head injuries
-Broken bones
-Numbness, weakness, or neurological changes
-Sudden vision changes or eye pain
-Sudden leg swelling
-Any issue needing urgent care
In emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department. Telehealth is not suitable for these situations.”

Booking a virtual appointment with Walk In is simple. Click “Book Now” to choose your appointment type. Register your details, then select a convenient time and preferred method (phone or video call). Our online care providers offer consultations just like a traditional doctor’s office.

Virtual care, telemedicine, and telehealth are often used interchangeably. They describe healthcare services provided through digital means like phone calls, video chats, or interactive messaging. Instead of an in-person visit, you connect with healthcare providers digitally. This approach enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to assess, diagnose, and treat patients remotely, effectively addressing many common health issues.

Accessing telehealth services in British Columbia is streamlined with 123 Virtual Clinic. Simply click on the book an appointment button. You can choose a convenient time for a virtual consultation via a secure video or phone call. After your consultation, any necessary prescriptions can be sent directly to your preferred pharmacy. The process ensures privacy, convenience, and continuous support for all your healthcare needs, making professional medical care accessible anywhere in BC.

Yes, you can see a doctor online in British Columbia through our virtual services. Our platform enables you to consult with licensed healthcare professionals via secure video or phone calls from the comfort of your home. You can receive medical advice, prescriptions, and follow-up care, making it an effective and convenient option for accessing healthcare without needing to visit a physical clinic.

In British Columbia, telehealth works by connecting patients with healthcare providers through digital platforms. Patients can register on our website, schedule appointments at convenient times, and consult with doctors via secure video or phone calls. This service allows for a wide range of medical consultations—from diagnosing and treating common ailments to managing chronic conditions and prescribing medications, all remotely. Prescriptions can be sent directly to a pharmacy, and other services such as issuing doctor’s notes are also available, making healthcare more accessible across the province.

Yes, in British Columbia, you can get a prescription over the phone through 123VC telehealth services. Licensed doctors are authorized to assess your health condition during a virtual consultation and can issue prescriptions remotely. These prescriptions can then be sent directly to your preferred pharmacy for pickup or delivery, offering a convenient way to manage your medication needs without needing to visit a clinic in person.

For general telehealth services in British Columbia, such as those provided by HealthLink BC, you can dial 811. This number connects residents with healthcare professionals who can offer advice, information, and support for non-emergency health issues any time of the day or night.”


Need guidance on prescriptions? This section offers detailed information on how and where we can assist you in managing your medication needs.

Routine prescriptions for non-severe conditions like acne or seasonal allergies can often be prescribed online. If you need refills for ongoing medications (e.g., birth control, thyroid medication), our online doctors can provide them, with the prescription sent to your local pharmacy. For chronic or severe conditions, a regular healthcare provider might be needed. Our doctors can also issue online doctor’s notes when necessary. However, they cannot prescribe controlled substances like narcotics, benzodiazepines, sedatives, or stimulants.

Yes, you can take an online prescription to any in-person pharmacy. Our doctors can fax your prescription directly to your chosen pharmacy. When booking, just specify your regular or preferred pharmacy.

In Canada, verify the legitimacy of online pharmacies through the pharmacy regulatory authority in their province or territory. Always ensure the online pharmacy is licensed by checking on the provincial pharmacists regulatory authority’s website. Avoid filling prescriptions from unverified or suspicious online sources.

Imaging Requisitions

Looking to understand more about imaging requisitions? Here, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, helping you navigate the process with ease.

To schedule a medical imaging appointment in British Columbia, you can contact facilities like West Coast Medical Imaging or Greig & Associates. Alternatively, you can take a requisition to a hospital’s imaging department. It’s advisable to call in advance for an appointment.

An X-ray is a medical imaging technique that uses electromagnetic waves to produce images of internal body structures. It’s particularly effective for examining harder tissues like bones and is both quick and painless.

At the imaging facility, you’ll register and provide your health insurance details. If uninsured, private payment may be required. You’ll remove certain clothing and accessories to avoid interference with the X-ray. The technologist will position you for the X-ray, which captures images using a small amount of radiation. A radiologist will then analyze these images and report the findings to your doctor.

Yes, X-rays involve a minimal amount of ionizing radiation to create images. For instance, the radiation from a chest X-ray is about 0.1 mSv, equivalent to the natural radiation exposure over approximately 10 days.

Doctor’s Notes

Curious about doctor’s notes? Discover how and when they’re necessary, and how our services can support you in obtaining one.