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123 Virtual Clinic platform is designed to bypass the inconveniences of traditional clinic visits. Avoid the crowded waiting rooms and long queues at doctors’ offices. Our proficient virtual doctors are ready to assist with a variety of health concerns, ensuring you receive timely and effective care to enhance your wellbeing.

Our Virtual Doctors Can Help

Our virtual healthcare is effective for many concerns, but it has its limits. Complex or urgent medical issues necessitate in-person, emergency, or continuous care settings, which are outside our virtual consultation scope.

Emergency Situations

Our virtual clinic is not equipped for emergencies. In cases of medical emergencies like chest pains, severe breathing issues, intense infections, early childhood fevers, potential blackouts, seizures, stroke symptoms, severe abdominal pain, broken bones, or any urgent health concerns, our virtual service is not suitable. For such symptoms, please promptly visit an Emergency Department or dial 911.

ICBC and WCB Cases

Our virtual clinic isn’t ideal for motor vehicle or workplace injuries. The care we offer is episodic and on-demand, without assurance of the same doctor for follow-ups. Most musculoskeletal injuries need physical assessments. Thus, these should be managed at an in-person clinic, by a family physician, or at an urgent care center.

Disability and Long-Term Absence Forms

Our virtual healthcare providers are unable to complete forms related to disability or prolonged absences. Such documentation requires in-depth evaluation that goes beyond virtual consultations.

Controlled Medications

Controlled substances such as narcotic pain relievers, benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants, and stimulants are not prescribed by our virtual clinic’s doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital healthcare service connecting you with BC-licensed medical professionals. Our platform offers convenient, comprehensive medical care, designed with user needs in mind, ensuring timely access to healthcare.

Through VirtualClinic, book an appointment effortlessly online. At your appointment time, choose to connect with the doctor via phone, video, or secure messaging on any device, without needing to download an app.

Mostly, yes. Telehealth is free for MSP-covered services in BC, including consultations with licensed physicians. However, some services like doctor’s notes aren’t MSP-covered. Non-MSP-covered services, like Naturopath visits, may be reimbursable through third-party insurance, but direct billing isn’t available.

Virtual clinics are digital platforms where healthcare professionals and patients interact. They allow for initial assessments of health concerns, reducing the need for immediate in-person visits to hospitals or clinics.

If you’re without a doctor in BC, search for 123VC on Google. Our VirtualClinic will appear, allowing you to swiftly book an online appointment. Choose your preferred communication method with the doctor – phone, video, or secure messaging, all without needing an app.

Virtual clinics are ideal for routine and non-urgent medical issues. These include cold and flu symptoms, rashes, insect bites, seasonal allergies, minor infections, general health inquiries, and stable medication refills.