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Appointment Cancellation Guidelines

To guarantee a seamless visit, our staff performs thorough preparations in advance. Please provide at least 12 hours’ notice for cancellations. Failing to do so, or missing your appointment, will result in a $50 charge.

Understanding the Medical Services Plan

“In British Columbia, public health insurance is known as the Medical Services Plan (MSP). It covers essential medical services for residents, including virtual and telehealth consultations with doctors.

Once registered with MSP, you’ll receive a unique 10-digit Personal Health Number. Use this for easy registration for services like virtual care with us, streamlining your access to necessary healthcare.”

Frequently Asked Question

Mostly, yes. Virtual clinic services are free for MSP-covered services in British Columbia, including consultations with licensed physicians. However, some services like doctor’s notes aren’t covered. Non-MSP-covered services, such as Naturopath visits, can be claimed through third-party insurance. We don’t offer direct billing to insurers.

Doctor’s notes incur a fee as they are not covered under MSP. For current pricing details, please visit our pricing page.

Enroll in MSP online through the Government of B.C.’s website. Enrollment is mandatory for all B.C. residents.

MSP covers medically necessary services provided by enrolled physicians, along with certain diagnostic services like blood tests and imaging. For a comprehensive list of covered services, visit the Government of B.C. website.

MSP does not cover services considered non-essential, most dental care, eyeglasses, prescriptions, podiatry, non-evidence-based preventive services, counselling, and most physician-issued notes, forms, and letters.

Prescriptions are not covered under MSP. They might be included in Extended Health Benefits or the Fair PharmaCare plan after meeting your deductible. Some are covered under Special Authority. Consult your pharmacist or doctor for details.

Travel-related consultations, including vaccinations, are not covered by MSP and are billed privately. Not all physicians at Walk In offer travel-related services, so please check with us before booking such a visit.